Glass touch switches

Glass touch switches

Currently glass touch switches and glass electric sockets are one of the most popular add ons to modern apartments and mansions. As time passes, technology becomes higher and higher. At this time, there are different high technology that is helpful in different ways. The new technology can help a lot in making life more simple and making every work become lighter. Moreover, new technologies save time and effort on everything.



There are several homes, office, and hotel technology, which is launching that, helps a lot in different ways. One of those new high technologies that are arising in this time is the glass touch switches. It has known in many places for home, office, and hotel. It has features and elegance that everyone will love.


What are Glass touch switches?

It is a type of switch that displays elegance and beauty in your home, hotel, or offices. Its functions are like those of ordinary switches; however, it has additional features that make the work easier plus the elegance that is far from the ordinary switches.

It can be used to switch on and off lights, and it is touch operated. It is compatible with LEDand Halogen bulbs and fittings.

There are different types of glass switches available in the market. Some of them have a blue lead backlight to make it visible in the dark of night, while some of them have changing backlight.

Glass switches are available for different purposes. Some glass switches are for lights, some are for blinds and curtains, some have a thermostat, and many other purposes of glass switch. Moreover, some glass switch is connected to devices, while others are manual.



Glass touch switch at home

Glass switches add a good atmosphere to every room such as bedroom, living room, comfort room, and even to the whole house inside and out. It has a vibrant glass color, which makes it looks more elegant. It has a metallic gleam of the bordering frame that contrasts with your wall color.

  • Bedroom

It makes the bedroom more comfortable. It has a brilliantly reflective light that adds to the ambiance in the bedroom.

  • Bathroom

In contrast with the special collection of your tiles and ceramics in your bathroom that add ambiance and comfort. You can set up your own LED backlight that contrasts your bathroom.

It is perfect for a white tiled bathroom because the light reflects perfectly. You can consult an interior designer for a better result.

  • Original interior

It adds also to the ambiance of the interior design of your home. For better results, contact your professional interior designer.

This technology provides every resident with comfort and convenience inside the home. It adds beauty to your home to make it more presentable.

Glass touch switch at hotel

It adds elegance also to hotels, especially in hotel rooms. It causes the unique elegance of a modern look with the colorful ambiance of the hotel rooms. It adds the attraction in hotel rooms that cause more attraction to customers.

It boosts the better experience of stay in the hotel with this technology. It also offers a remote-controlled switch and voice assistance control that makes it more desirable.

Glass touch switch at offices

With the right interior design, glass switch technology can bring a brilliant ambiance to the offices. Think of an office that can be your comfort and convenience as your home.

It adds convenience and comfort in offices. The office is someone’s second home, so, makes it more convenient as home.

How to install glass touch switches

To ensure the success of the installation of the glass touch switch, read the instruction on the product manual, and carefully follow all the instructions written in there. Besides, you can hire the one who can do installation better than you.

However, here are some of the steps to install this technology, and hopefully it can help you.

Step 1

Separate switch from the box. Using the flat screw, insert on the small hole on the side and make a little twist to separate the switch from the box.

Step 2

Turn off the circuit breaker.

Step 3

Know several wires – out wire and in wire

Connect the line in wire to line in screw on your switch

Connect the line out wire to your line out screw on your switch

Step 4

Then tighten the screw. Make sure everything is tighten and no wire touching each other.

Step 5

Screw in the two screw on your switch to the wall

Step 6

Pop in the glass touch switch panel

Step 7

Turn on the circuit breaker and test the glass touch switch

To pair the remote:

Long press the switch button for about five minutes until you hear the beeping sound

Then select any button in the remote, and you will hear a beeping sound. This beeping sound indicates that the remote control is paired and connected to the switch successfully.You can now use the remote control to switch the light on and off The installation of the glass touch switch is as simple as that.

Why it is popular?

Glass touch switches are popular and known to add in the interior design of the house, hotel, offices, and in some establishment because of its elegance. It adds a good ambiance to the environment. Aside from being elegance and convenient, this technology is easy to install, and most of all, it makes the work become lighter and less hassle.

Glass touch switches are not just touch-operated switches. However, it is also available with the use of remote, or automation. It means, it is hassle-free to switch your light on and off, as well as blinds and curtains and others, which are covered by this technology. With just a click of your mobile phones or tablet, you can control the switches in your home or other establishments.

You do not need to get up on your bed to switch off the lights in your living room or other switches in your home because you can do it with a single click on your mobile phone.


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